Ellrick Farm Is A Full-Care Horse Boarding Facility, Offering Riding Lessons For Beginning Riders And Advanced Equestrians

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Horse Boarding & Stables

Ellrick Farms makes the care and well-being of all boarded horses a top priority. We strive to make the barn a place where your horse is given professional attention and high-quality care.

Boarding with Ellrick Farms Includes:

  • Daily stall muck, water bucket cleaning
  • Salt block check
  • Rubber mats for stall footing, providing cushion for horses legs.
  • Stall bedding is dry shavings.
  • Barn aisles are lined with rubber mats.
  • Turnout in either all-weather paddocks, fenced grass pasture (weather permitting) or, in inclement weather, the indoor arena.
  • Turnout available as either solo or with compatible horses.
  • All fencing is board or split rail.
  • Bell boots- splint boots used for horses at owners request.
  • Feeding – morning and evening feed (strategy feed and beet pulp ) with supplements (provided by owner).
  • Sunday evening feed is warm bran mash with carrots.
  • Hay distribution three times a day (first cutting alfalfa)
  • Total feedings - four times daily.
  • Weekly scheduled veterinarian and farrier visits.
  • Daily / weekly monitoring of all horse exercise and turnout.
  • Horse blanketing / unblanketing, based on weather conditions.
  • Lockers are provided for boarders equipment.


We provide a safe and friendly environment for both horse and rider.


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