Ellrick Farm Is A Full-Care Horse Boarding Facility, Offering Riding Lessons For Beginning Riders And Advanced Equestrians

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2010 results


Kathryn Fogarty (left) ~ Reserve Champion Rider in the High Division at the Prix De Villes 2010 and member of the winning High Team which Susan Channing-Lloyd (right) coached along with Tammy Cagno. 

Amanda Morgret and Ellrick Farms Prince Charming, Champion March 2017 at Chagrin Valley Farms

Jensen Farrow and Ellrick Farms, Prince-Charming, Champion February and March-2017 at Chagrin Valley Farms

Kathryn Fogarty and Susan Benedejcic's Carpe Diem 2nd in the Adult Hunter Classic Gulfport MS March 2014

Kimberly Krug and Ellrick Farms, Glenmagic Standing Ovation CVPHA July 2016

Kimberly Krug and Everything Nice at Chagrin Valley Farms February 2017

Ribbons won February 2017 at Chagrin Valley Farms

Yvette Petersen and Ivanhoes Abracadabra, Champion February and March 2017 at Chagrin Valley Farms

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